Musk Expects Apple Car by 2020

According to Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, Apple Inc. is likely to become a major competitor in the electric vehicle industry as soon as 2020.

Musk claimed that Apple will “probably make a good car and be successful,” at the Code Conference on Wednesday. He went on to state that “They should have embarked on [the car] project sooner.”

elon muskJust last fall, various media outlets reported that Apple would be developing an electric car with the intentions of shipping it in 2019. A “ship date” is a bit of an ambiguous deadline that could mean anything from the time when engineers sign off on a project to when that project is finished. Apple has yet to confirm directly that it is currently working on a car.

“It’s great [Apple is] doing this, and I hope it works out,” continued Musk, which incited many audience members to laugh. Musk explained that his market will be large enough for many competitors to find success simultaneously. He also predicted that many more traditional auto makers would become more competitive in electric vehicle markets, while Google would likely not make cars itself but instead license its technology to others.

“I don’t think any of the car companies have made a great electric vehicle, yet,” Musk stated. Mr. Musk has shared that he has plans to discuss Tesla’s plans in autonomous vehicles but is not yet ready to enter into that conversation. He repeated that Tesla has received somewhere around 400,000 preorders for the upcoming Model 3, which will cost somewhere around $35,000 (other media outlets have guessed prices as high as $40,000). Mr. Musk hopes to make half a million cars by 2018 and one million cars a year by 2020.

Musk made a whole host of predictions during his speech, but perhaps the most exciting of all was his prediction that fully autonomous vehicles will be technically possible within the next two years. He added that regulators will take an additional year to approve of such broad use of unprecedented technology in public spaces.

spacex rocketMusk is not just the CEO of Tesla. He also is the founder and chief executive of rocket maker Space Exploration Technologies Corporation. Musk has reiterated plans to send a rocket to Mars as soon as 2018 and a manned rocket to the red planet as soon as 2024. The rocket will hopefully arrive by 2025. Musk promised to announce more in a space conference in September.

Finally, Musk announced his plans to relaunch one of the rockets that he successfully landed after takeoff. He said that the launch should be expected to occur within the next couple of months. Musk is attempting to develop a rocket that can be reused because, as he has often explained, most of the costs of space travel are made up of the costs of creating the rockets themselves. His rockets cost around $35 million each.

One of the most notable things about Elon Musk is his ambition to retire and ultimately die on Mars. “If you’re going to choose where to die, then Mars is not a bad choice,” he has famously stated.

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