Facebook Innovation Could Affect Car Industry

Last week the Facebook organization announced its Incubator that it launched called GitHub as a means to distribute its own open source software projects. Incubator servers as a testing ground for new open source projects. This is going to be a kind of testing ground for the over 400 projects that have been released to date. In fact if we look at it through a more critical lens we can kind of begin to see the motivations behind doing something like this and why they would release an open source platform. Lets look at what Facebook does and why they are who they are at all.

When we consider what the place of open source is today and how Facebook makes its money we see that they are going after something that is very cool and has the appeal of today’s youth. More over we see that for the most part Facebook is not and really has never been a tech company.  What I mean by that is the fact that they never really produced any ground breaking and innovative technology. What they did was essentially be a cooler version of Myspace.com. That is really it if you think about it and cut through the muck.

Another reason why it seems obvious why Facebook would do this and make a platform like this is that they are going to have the pick at a lot of young and good talent that are just giving them free innovation. That is a real bummer when we look at what it takes to be in this regard and how we can imagine it going in the future.

“This is very perspicuous on Facebook’s part to use the Incubator as a beta stage. Crappy software, is one of the top three secretary threats,” she told Linux Insider, because companies are pushing software and applications and projects out the door quickly to keep up with Jones es.”

Basically, “its good to see Facebook focused on the whole life cycle of open source software. Knowing that a project is in beta is a valuable and actionable data point. Along with information about community size, project activity, code size, and documentation. What may be confused is that the myriad projects is the open source universe don’t all follow the same practice as Facebook–or as one another–vis-a-via project maturation.” 

When we get down to the nitty gritty of this we can see that Facebook more than anything is generating press for themselves and are perpetuating this story as a means to make themselves out to appear more so as something that they are not. This being the case it becomes obvious in light of the fact that they really are more than anything an advertising company. In more ways than one there is very few plays they have going forward, or any divergent business business moves. They have their role on the internet and it is pretty cemented. So they can kind of sit back and do advertising things of this nature and ensure their place in investment circles.


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